For The Love of Pizza & Meat

What do you get when you combine a master butcher with 15+ years experience and a pizzeria.  Well, you still get pizza, but you get pizza with the finest, freshest, hand crafted meats in the city.  Home made meatballs and sausages and more, all created from our own special recipes, perfected through repeated taste tests and gluttonous sausage binges.   


For The Love of Pizza & Veggies

Why should the meat eaters of the world have all the fun and good pizza?  Tina Betters has been doing her best to answer that question with, "They shouldn't!"  we are CREATING all kinds of quality vegan meats and cheeses to SATISFY Brookline and Pittsburgh at large.  We haven't even mentioned all the fresh produce brought in every day to make best tasting pizza and hoagies we can.

Come Grab a Slice!

Antonio's Pizzeria

758 Brookline Blvd

Pittsburgh PA 15226

Monday – Thursday  11:00AM – 10:00PM

Friday - Saturday   11:00AM – 11:00PM

Sunday   12:00PM –10:00PM


Tel: 412-388-1000